Forest and stream

About the Company

Maritime Land Management offers a wide range of services to private and commercial landowners in HRM and surrounding areas. Whether you are prepping a property for a new development, need support with clearing land, looking to make the most of a forested property, we will work with you to ensure we complete a quality job on-time and on-budget.

What We Do

  • Vegetation control/mulching

  • Erosion control/water drainage

  • Access road construction/repair

  • Culvert installation

  • Assist with implementing forest management plans

  • Forest trail building

  • Even rock breaking

  • Plus much more...

Why Choose Us

Owned, operated and COR Certified by a graduate of the Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT), every project benefits from expertise in forestry dynamics and management. This is paired with more than 17 years of construction and operating experience that has been defined by a recognized work ethic, reliability, and quality work.

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